A commissioned work of art is a unique creative collaboration between client and artist. A portrait is not only an expression of love and esteem but also a work of art and a legacy for the future. I enjoy taking on commissioned projects, please feel free to contact me to discuss your project.

The Process

The process begins with an initial consultation via email to explore your vision for the piece. Here we can discuss the details of who you would like me to paint and what size you would like. It will be useful to see any photographs that you would like me to work from so that I can establish if they are suitable. I can then provide you with costings, excluding postage and packaging which will need to be calculated later. I will also give you an estimate of how long I think it will take me to complete.

If you are happy and would like to proceed, I will then send you an invoice for 50% of the cost. This is required before the painting begins.

When I have completed your painting I will send you an image for your approval. I will then send you an invoice for the remaining 50% payment with the addition of postage and packaging before the piece can be shipped.

Things to consider when commissioning a painting.

I paint directly from photo reference, and if you are supplying your own photos please note that high quality photographs with good lighting, composition and that are in focus will allow me to create a painting to a much higher quality and level of detail than a poor quality photograph. That being said, if you only have low level quality of photographs of your loved one I can sometimes work around this, depending on the individual image.

All works will be completed in oils on canvas unless otherwise discussed; I also offer commissioned drawings in graphite on paper.

Postage and packaging is an additional cost and can only be determined when the piece is packed, measured, and weighed. Pricing will vary depending on the final destination, but an estimated cost can be discussed before the work is shipped. I will look for the best rates possible and make sure your piece is packed safely.